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More services opening on JBLM

A fresh batch of programs and services are opening on the base, Lt. Gen Randy George, commander of Joint Base Lewis-McChord told a town hall audience via Facebook, Tuesday. The base library will open Wednesday, May 20 for curbside pick up only. Officials are still working out a system for

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D Street Gate likely to not re-open

Lt. Gen Randy George, I Corps and Joint Base Lewis-McChord commander told a town hall audience via Facebook, Tuesday that although still being discussed, it is highly unlikely that the D Street Gate will re-open in the future. The gate is on the back end of North Fort closest to Lakewood

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PCS window dates and more

A few more services will open next week for local military, Lt. Gen Randy George told a town hall audience via Facebook, Tuesday.   In addition, the windows for PCS move dates were also announced. AD: Depressed?  Looking for a natural treatment covered by Tricare.  Contact NeuroStim in Lakewood and Lacey.  Start


JBLM store openings and closings

Joint Base Lewis-McChord diners and shoppers will see a few changes in the coming weeks. An update from the Exchange Service Wednesday highlights several shifts. Here are the highlights according to the release: >> At the new PX on JBLM Main theClass Six has recently opened soon to be followed by the

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JBLM updates for Covid-19

Your daily update on JBLM and the impacts of COVID-19. Here is your May 6 update AD: Depression is NOT YOUR FAULT.  It is a medical issue, and TMS is covered by Tricare and is proven to help many without the need for drugs.  Neurostim TMS in Lakewood and Lacey handles

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Meat rationing at commissaries, More $ from USAA

Here are several news notes affecting military and their families.   >> USAA to return an additional $280 million to auto policy holders- STORY HERE >> Military Commissaries Limit Meat Purchases Amid Supply Chain Worries - STORY HERE >>> FREE Microsoft and other tech certifications offered to troops - INFO HERE


Coming to housing: Hardwood floors, new garages, air conditioning, more

  (US AIR FORCE PHOTO) Renovations announced for Joint Base Lewis McChord housing include new hardwood floors, new bathrooms and kitchens, and air conditioning to name a few. JBLM Garrison and Lincoln Housing updated the local community during a Facebook town hall last week, providing insights on renovations, as well as following up

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Daily Update for Naval Base Kitsap

Your daily update at Naval Base Kitsap and the impacts of COVID-19. Here is your April 29 update (based on various releases - Kitsap County Photo): AD: VA Mortgage rates going down.  Start here with Prime Lending's Becky - an expert in getting the best rates, PLUS helping you with any

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Updates for military and families

As we conclude another week of COVID-19, here are a collection of news and features important to military personnel and their families. >> US Military across the globe will be requir4ed to wear face masks - story HERE >> Veterans can still get stimulus checks even if they don't file for taxes. 

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Daily update for JBSA - April 4

  Your daily update and the impacts of COVID-19.  Here is your April 4 update (based on various military releases) AD: Depressed.  Become a teacher online in 9 months using your GI Bill with Teach Now HERE: >> COVID cases up 75% for Air Force - here >> The most recent JBSA

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